Samsung’s Level series of speakers and audio accessories will be adding another member to its family with another device that you can take with you wherever you will go. The new Level U Wireless Bluetooth headset has the latest Samsung audio technology, plus a stylish although not so inconspicuous look, and it also promises a long battery life, despite the Bluetooth connectivity which can be notoriously draining on devices. It can also be used as a headset for your calls and can be used with apps that have Text-to-Speech functions.

Ergonomic design for headsets are so in right now, and the Level U will not be an exemption. It weighs just 33 grams so it shouldn’t be such a burden on your ears or neck, but it does have an adjustable neck-band so it can be more secure, especially when you’re mobile or running or exercising. It also has soft, flexible urethane joints, hybrid-style eartips, and when you’re not using them, their magnetic eartips easily fasten together. Of course you have the usual controls for playback and volume, this time on raised buttons for easier accessibility.


The headphones have noise-cancelling properties and is also equipped with two microphones, one to receive the ambient noise, and the other to capture your voice when you’re using the headset to talk to somebody. The second mic filters out the other noises so whoever you’re talking to gets crystal-clear audio. And if you’re listening to music, the noise and echo reducing technology can do the trick.


The Level U headset can also help serve as a notification hub if you get the Level app. It can give you important information like alarms, events saved on your calendar, and even what your battery level is low. It is now available on the Samsung store and it comes in blue black, white, gold, and blue colors. It costs $69.99, which may be too expensive or good enough, depending on whether you think nice earphones are a priority.


SOURCE: Samsung