At Lenovo Tech World in Beijing, Lenovo introduced a lot of new products and ideas for all of us. Earlier, we shared with you the Lenovo Cast, the first media casting device from the company. It is set to rival Chromecast but instead of being in a dongle form, it’s more like a puck or a smaller Nexus Player. The Moto Maker’s availability in China was also announced at the event.

The Lenovo Tech World is the first global technology event by the company and it seems Lenovo has been very busy formulating new ideas and product concepts that could bring breakthrough changes in the future. People could interact with technology in different ways as Lenovo continues to innovate and partner with the biggest brands and suppliers to bring customers and fans the best products, services, and technologies.

Lenovo’s vision is to define the future of technology by delivering innovation to address the needs of the customers and solve problems in more convenient and faster ways. Lenovo’s Charmain and CEO Yang Yuanqing believes that “Lenovo has a unique position in our industry because we can deliver the devices, smart connectivity and infrastructure required to create a great user experience and satisfy real user needs”.  The company regularly communicates with fans to know how they can innovate hardware software and services that can transform user experience.

Upcoming Research and Technology Projects

In his keynote, Yuanqing shared Lenovo’s ideas and concepts for the future. All these are product concepts for now but Lenovo is set to introduce the technologies as soon as they are ready. One of the first product concepts demonstrated is the Magic View smartwatch that aims to solve the problem of a small screen device. Display is limited in smartwatches but Lenovo has a solution for that: a second rectangular screen between the watch face and the watch strap. This small screen seems like an extension but offers a virtual interactive display. The idea is for the screen to “magnify” images for the eyes of the wearer and with more privacy.

magic view

The smartwatch concept uses the special patented technology called Light Guide Optical Element. The display is placed below the watch face. It can hold the display a couple inches from the eye to see a screen appear magically. Officially known as the Magic View, this technology was confirmed by Lumus who owns the Light Guide Optical Element. It makes the smartwatch more useful than ever instead of just showing notifications, tracking health and fitness, or streaming music. It also brings a more immersive smartwatch experience because of the larger ‘magic’ display.

lenovo smart cast

Lenovo also demonstrated the Smart Cast concept. The built-in laser projector on a phone idea also includes high-performance algorithms and an infrared motion detector. The idea is to bring a large virtual touch by projecting an image on a wall or a surface for example control the “display screen” with touch or type with a virtual keyboard.

lenovo smart cast 2

Lenovo also announced the WRITEit, a new software feature that brings together writing and speech technology. Using a YOGA Tablet 2 8-in Android with AnyPen for Mandarin can be frustrating but Lenovo’s WRITEit and Fusion Input technology aim to add voice input of Chinese words. Voice recognition results can then be defined and corrected using it.

These are just concept products so we’re not sure if they will become a reality. The ideas are great and innovative but we have to see them first in action. Ideas even when demonstrated on stage aren’t considered as facts or the truth yet unless there are actual proofs and evidence. The concepts are real–real in the sense that someone smart enough thought about them and maybe put them into paper. The last question will always be the same though: will they see the light of day?

SOURCE: Lenovo