In addition to their updated Yoga Tablet, Lenovo is also introducing three new smartphones. The S660, S850 and S860 tackle the smartphone market on all fronts. The S660 will prove an admirable mid-range handheld, while the S850 and S860 each have flagship written all over them. The S860 just might end up being the Android device you’ve been looking for, too.

The S660 brings a brushed metal design, and has expandable storage up to 32GB via microSD. The rear cover is rounded for comfort, and Lenovo tells us the pricing for this one starts at $229. If you’re looking for a good mid-range device that doesn’t look like one, the S660 is one you may be leaning toward.

The S850 has a classy all glass exterior, setting it apart from the plastic handhelds we’ve come to expect from others. A quad-core MTK processor keeps it humming all day long, while a 5-inch screen keeps your attention. A 13MP/5MP camera duo put it toward the top of the class, but a $269 price tag make it an immediate attention grabber for us.

The S860 is the powerhouse of the bunch, which Lenovo says can bring up to 40 days of standby time and 24 hours of talk on 3G connectivity. A quad-core processor and 2GB RAM promise to make the S860 lightning quick, and the handheld can even be used to charge other devices — like a battery pack. The S860 will start at a surprisingly low $349.

“The new S860, S850 and S660 smartphones perfectly complement the full range of mobile devices available to consumers around the world, letting consumers easily pick the Lenovo smartphone that’s right for them,” said Liu Jun, executive vice president, Mobile Business Group, Lenovo. “Customers told us they wanted longer battery life without sacrificing performance, so we built these new smartphones for all-day usage, blazing fast processing speeds, and a great user experience.” Whatever your smartphone needs are, Lenovo just might have you covered.


  1. “The S860 is the powerhouse of the bunch, which >>LG<< says can bring up to 40 days of standby time and 24 hours of talk on 3G connectivity."

    You said LG.

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