If you’re a fan of the Cartoon Network’s The Regular Show (because come on, a lot of adults watch the CN, admit it), you’ll have a lot of fun trying to play with the whole gang as they battle it out in the Chaosphere. But even if you don’t know anything about the animated series, you can still find Grudgeball: Enter the Chaosphere entertaining enough with its combination of dodgeball, volleyball, and hot potato in one crazy game.

In the future of this world, Grudgeball has become the sport of choice of many, even though it is a seemingly dangerous sport. Mordecai, Rigby, and the rest of the gang are on a mission to rescue Pops 1000 years into the future, and you need to compete in the Chaosphere arena to do so. If you need to know more about the backstory, there are cutscenes in a comic book panel format so it’s easy to understand. But if you just want to play the game, you get to be on a 3-on-3 match against “experts” of the game.

You need to pass the ball to your teammates and the longer your team holds on to the ball, the more power it gets. When you think you have enough to hurt or knock out an opponent, you just simply chuck it in their face. But of course they will try to get the ball from you and dodge your shots as well. When you get power-ups, your balls get extra abilities, like Fireball, Blastball, Poisonball, youget the drift. The characters also come with custom super moves and if you choose to make them the team leader, they will have a special team buff.


You can buy Grudgeball from the Google Play Store for $2.99. Some might find that price a bit too steep, but there are no in-app purchases, and it is a game from Cartoon Network, so it seems like a pretty fair deal.