You’re playing an intense video game but your loved one insists on chatting with you and you need to make some sort of cursory response. Or you’re feeling extremely lazy one day but a group chat is going on and you don’t want to be impolite and not respond. For situations like these, and more where you’re either too lazy or busy to type real, actual words, there’s always an app for that. Lazyboard is now available for you to still talk, but without typing letters.

Lazyboard is a predictive text app/keyboard that has whittled down communication into ten most commonly used words and 11 emoticons to still enable you to respond to not so important but necessary conversations. As long as you could get away with just saying words like “k”, “cool”, “nice”, “lol”, “lel”, “hmmm”, “damn”, “oh”, “thks” plus the 11 emoticons or any combination of these words, then you’re good to go. And in a world where a lot of people can just talk in emoticons, that should get you through a few meaningless chats.

The developer admits that he/she isn’t sure if they made this app just to troll people or to actually make it successful, but either way, they seem serious about “helping” out the lazy and the busy among us. To enable the app once you’ve downloaded it, simply flip on the switch for Lazyboard in the settings and language input section. There are 2 default themes, but if you get the pro version, you’ll get 5 more themes as well as several more toggle options.

We’re not that thrilled about having even more shortcuts to actual interactions with people, but hey, if you feel the need to minimally talk to people digitally, then go ahead and download the free app from the Google Play Store. The Pro version is also available for $1.45.