The following is a collection of presentation slides that appears to have been leaked from Sony Ericsson Japan. The slides show a device by the name of XPERIA acro which will roll out with interior and exterior aesthetics quite similar to those seen on recent XPERIA phones, with one or two major exceptions. In order to fly into the Japanese smartphone market, one that’s still nothing compared to the flip-phone market mind you, a device must have instant-payment capabilities. That why this sassy little lady has NFC.

This device has both NFC capabilities (this is essentially a chip that works with your bank account and makes instant payments upon swiping, for those of you that don’t know,) as well as a Seg TV tuner AND Infared. What in the world, you might be asking, are these things? We’ll be exploring both in the very near future here on Android Community.

Meanwhile, have a look at this twenty-page presentation packet that’s all in Japanese – any translators in the house? Our man in Japan is sleeping! But the pics are magnificent. There’s three different color combinations, black, white, and aqua,) and what appears to be one fantastically lovely display. Have a peek!

[via Xperia Blog]