I’m back again today with another awesome live wallpaper for you guys. I think I’ll just call them LWP from here on out. Today we bring you another well made and top quality wallpaper from one of if not my favorite LWP developers and that is KittehFace. This is the newest LWP from those guys and it sure is impressive. It is a Koi Fish wallpaper but as always they give you more options than most and let you customize everything.

These guys work really hard to make sure you have a smooth and seamless experience on both phones and Honeycomb tablets and this doesn’t disappoint one bit. They always provide tons of options for wallpapers and with Koi Live Wallpaper you can feed your fish, raise the population and even change fish size. I have a huge white fish that mans my pond. You can add raindrop effects that look amazing thanks to the OpenGL 2.0 3D rendering, as well as change the background from rocks to aquariums and even seaweed.

Slide your finger around on screen (with multi-touch support) and the water animation and reaction is incredible. It seriously has an extremely realistic look and feel as you swoosh around the water and add ripples. If you double tap your fish they will stop and spin around so you can keep the pretty ones on-screen longer. As always they have an amazing video showing the TONS of options and choices you have to customize this LWP just the way you like it.

I’ll be bringing more great LWP’s as I see them so don’t forget to check back often. Yesterday we had the Thunderstorm LWP everyone seems to love, and before that we featured Pixel Rain for those that like a retro look. Check both of those out and then head to the Android Market and get Koi Live Wallpaper. As always feel free to buy the donate version to get all the features and help these devs continue to make great apps we can all enjoy.

Click or scan the QR code below to head right to the market and download Koi Live Wallpaper.