If you’re familiar with the series, the premise of Knights of Pen & Paper games is this – you role-play in a game on your smartphone where you play a character who is a role-player. Yes, Knights of Pen & Paper 2 has that Inception “game within a game” vibe – only that this makes fun (in very good ways) of nerd culture and fantasy games in general. Think of the humor of the parody RPG “Doom and Destiny”, in a tabletop game.


The gameplay of Knights of Pen & Paper 2 is very much like the first one, your characters in game sit around a table and basically tell the dungeon master what you want to do, very much like how you would in a real-life tabletop RPG session. This sequel expands quite nicely on the systems and graphic design of the original game.


There’s actually bunch of improvements over the original, with a graphical shift from 8-bit to 16-bit. The sequel incorporates new classes, quests, loot and equipment, as well as a new combat system and crafting system. For all that, there is no option of calling your mom from in-game to bring you snacks, which is a bummer.

If you want to pick up the game, it’s available now via the Google Play Store (check out the download link below) for USD$4.50. Many people are saying that this is the closest you can get to tabletop Dungeons and Dragons gaming on your Android mobile, so we just might give it a go.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store