In the gaming world, a post-apocalyptic world almost always involves a dark, dreary environment, zombies or mutants, and a fight for survival. This new game, available for Android devices in selected countries, is no exemption. Kill Me Again: Infectors, from the name itself, is a creepy, brutal, and challenging puzzle-based RPG based on a future where only a few are left after a zombie apocalypse, and you are one of those who can survive, and so now you must protect the hapless humans before they get infected as well.

You can choose to play a Hit Woman or Advanced Soldier in this game and your task is to gather as much ammo as you can, find supplies for the people you’re trying to protect, and of course, fight your way against the onslaught of undead who constantly roam the streets. Now we don’t know why you’d have to do it in abs-baring or skin tight body suits, but apparently, in this game, those are your only options. The game has free puzzle block movements that will let you make several matches in just one move. But when there are zombie swarms upon you, you won’t get any set turns.

The trick here is to get as many weapons as you can while the zombies aren’t chasing you yet, because once they do, you’d have to make do with whatever is at hand. When your supplies are almost spent, you can either run to the city center to get more, or raid another mercenary’s camp if they’re nearer. Another side mission for you in this game is to find out the mystery behind the zombie outbreak and stop it from spreading further. You get to gather a network of allies in order for you to work together to ferret out the truth.

Kill Me Again: Infectors is still in its soft launch stage. It is now just available in selected countries like Ireland, Sweden, and Singapore, and it can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.