You can’t beat Louise Lightfoot as the “Master of Jumping and Shooting”. You might get tired in real life but since this is just a mobile game, you can be like her and try to defeat the evil space mutants. The heroine’s mission is to save the President of Earth 4. Game is set sometime in the 3000s with the Xatharr as the main villains. Don’t expect full HD graphics on this one because of the pixelized retro gaming experience which will bring you back to your childhood.

Jump and shoot your way around 16 very challenging levels across four crazy worlds. You can boost you blaster guns by collecting more items. You can even take a jetpack to fly as you work your way up the leaderboards. Yes, you can try and beat other players online to prove that you are the best at shooting and jumping.

Looks like retro graphics and 8-bit background music are becoming a trend in mobile arcade games now. Game kinda reminds me of Crystal Caves, a PC game I got addicted when I was a kid.

This arcade mobile game features a fun 8-bit soundtrack to go with the retro graphics and gameplay. It only requires two-touch control so you don’t have to worry about getting used to complicated commands. So Louise, are you ready to defeat the Xatharr and save the president of Earth 4?

Download Jump’N’Shoot Attack from the Google Play Store. Available for $1.99.