Jays has announced their latest set of headphones, the a-JAYS Five. These will not be available until later this summer, however they are bring touted as a “world’s first.” Basically, Jays will be releasing the a-JAYS Five in three separate versions. These are being created with smartphones in mind and as such, there will be a unique version for Android, iOS and Windows Phone users.

As compared to earlier models, Jays has said these headphones will have “a further refined sound, a further developed flat tangle free cable that JAYS taught the world to love, a newly developed cable clip, an updated and optimized ergonomics and one of the world’s best MEMS microphones.” Time will tell how well those claims will hold up, but for now we can see they will carry the “made for Android” tag.

As such, these headphones will have an in-line three button remote that will allow for control of everything from phone calls to music. Specifically, you will be able to use these to answer and hang up a call as well as to play/pause, skip songs, adjust the volume and for voice controls. You can get a look at the remote in the images below.

Otherwise, the a-JAYS Five will also be paired with an Android app. The app will allow the user to customize the settings and buttons. Touching back on a feature from above, the MEMS microphones. Jays has said this means echo cancellation that will make the “audio perfect in nearly all situations.” Again, time will tell how accurate that will be.

The a-JAYS Five will be priced at $99.99 and available in two colors — black and white. Lastly, while we cannot comment on the a-JAYS Five just yet, we can say that we have been happily using a pair of a-JAYS One+ headphones for well over a year with good results.

SOURCE: Jays.se