The Jaybird Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Buds claims to be the smallest wireless earbuds in the market right now. And if you’re the type of person where the size is important, then this new device might appeal to you, particularly since they’re marketing it to the sporty but fashionable ones. Despite its size, it claims to have the “biggest sound” with the most comfortable fit, and with several personalization and customization options as well.

Usually, in-ear Bluetooth earbuds are made of plastic because having a metal bud will most probably inhibit the signal and performance of your device. But Jaybird has found a way around it, creating micro-sized premium high-quality injection molded metal parts that will not sacrifice the quality but also gives an “iconic feel” that is also fashionable at best. And because it now has an all-metal housing, then distortion has been removed, making the sound clearer.


Adding to the fashionable look of the earbuds is the over-ear fit as well as the elegant metal accents. But lest you think it’s just a fashion piece, it is rugged and sweat-proof, as you probably will be using this while you work out or bike or run. All of the electronics are in the three button controller and if you run out of battery charge (it has 8 hours of play time) then you can use the lightweight charger so you get an extra hour in just 20 minutes.


The MySound app allows you to customize and save your volume levels and other aspects so that it will be applied to whatever app you use. It comes in four colors: Gold, Carbon (Black), Blaze (Red) and Ocean (Blue). The Jaybird Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Buds is now available at Best Buy offline and online stores and Jaybird’s own webstore. The SRP is at $199.95 and it will be available in other retailers over the summer.

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