Because you can never have too many video streaming services on your devices, British broadcaster ITV recently announced that they now have an ITV Player app available for Amazon Fire TV. This means that owners of the set-top box will be able to have access to all the channels and shows that are being shown on the ITV networks in the UK. And the best part is that you can watch only the shows you want to and at your own convenience as well.

The ITV Player app works just like other video on demand streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, etc. For now, it’s just available on Amazon Fire TV but they did promise that it will eventually come to the Fire TV Stick in a couple of weeks. Also, if you’re one of the Amazon early adapters who pre-ordered the Fire TV with 4K, expect that the ITV Player will also be pre-installed when it ships by next week.

Eventually though, ITV plans to create the ITV Hub, which will combine the video on demand features of the ITV Player as well as the watch on live stream feature of the website. All the existing channels on the ITV network will be included in the hub and will run on smartphones, tablets, computers, and set-top boxes.

It will eventually replace the ITV Player app on the Amazon Fire devices, but for now, the newly launched app will remain. It will just be automatically renamed to the ITV Hub once it’s in full effect already.

VIA: SlashGear