Who’s getting excited for Tony Stark to come back and wreck havoc in Iron Man 3? If you don’t want to wait for the movie to be released the folks from Gameloft have you covered with their all-new Iron Man 3 game for Android and iOS. This is the official game, it looks awesome, and hits April 25th. We’ve shown you a few video clips before but today Gameloft released the official launch trailer that gives us a better look at what to expect.

Iron Man 3 the game looks pretty amazing, and Gameloft has confirmed multiple times it will for sure launch on Android and iOS together (same day wohoo) come April 25th. So the wait is almost over. Today’s launch video has some similarities to the one we posted a few weeks ago, but now we’re getting more gameplay footage as well as a look at the depth of the game.

In Iron Man 3 the game we’ll be following the endless runner (think Temple Run) style only with guns blazing. You’ll be able to upgrade armor, get entirely new Iron Man suits, shoot through waves of enemies all while dodging things and collecting coins for additional power-ups. This will be following the freemium model, and we’ll have plenty of in-game app purchases. Which some like and some don’t. Either way, here’s the new trailer.

The video reveals that we’ll be able to earn and upgrade over 18 different Iron Man suits, so there will be plenty of re-playability with this game. Upgrading weapons and armor will also play a big factor, so you won’t want to miss it if you love runner games, Iron Man in general, or casual Android gaming. It also appears to closely follow the storyline too, so that’s a plus.

Being a game that follows the freemium model it will be absolutely free to download and try on your Android smartphone and tablet. You can enjoy the game without spending any pennies, but they’ll allow power-ups and armor purchases and more if you’re willing to pay. Get ready for the action come April 25th.