We’ve had it up to here (points to forehead) with mediocre movie tie-in apps. If it’s not your badly concocted shooting game, then it’s an “easy out” endless runner – yes, we’re looking at you “Despicable Me”. And so when Paramount made noises about doing a tie-in game app for the upcoming Christopher Nolan nerd-fest Interstellar to drum up more hype, you can understand that we’re wary. But it seems we had nothing to worry about.

Interstellar is available now via the Google Play Store as a free download, with no in-app purchases (yey!) – you can keep your money for the obligatory popcorn when you watch the movie. The game is notable in that it is a well-thought of game app that can even stand on its own without the movie tie in – that’s how nice the game is. It carries a very engaging gameplay mechanism, if not exactly unique, but these days which app is really unique eh?


“Nolan freaks” and space nerds are obviously excited about the director’s newest film, and with good reason it seems. The game is set in space, where the player pilots the in-movie spaceship Endurance, navigating through gravitational fields, and solar systems. The main objective is to travel to other solar systems, dipping into orbits of suns and planets to collect fuel. The game is very challenging (read: heck difficult) as there are times that you can only steer using the gravitational forces around you, and with thrusters that either speed up or slow down the ship. You can rest in the knowledge that most players will crash in a gravity well the first few times they try the game.

As you transfer from one solar system to another, you find a novel social media aspect to the game. The solar systems you visit are the “home” systems of other players. It’s like going over to your friends Clash of Clans camp, but on a galactic scale. This happens through the game’s nifty solar system creator where you get to create your own solar system at the beginning of the game. Sounds nice, right? Check the game out via the source link.

SOURCE: Google Play Store