Comparisons to Snapchat withstanding, Instagram Stories has become a much used feature in the photo and video sharing app. In fact, they have now reached 200 million users in the 8 months since they launched and the other Instagram feature, Instagram Direct, has also reached a milestone with 375 million users. To celebrate, the Facebook-owned app has added some new camera features so that users will enjoy using it even more and maybe those who have been skeptical about it may change their minds.

One of the new features of the Instagram camera is the ability to add selfie stickers and pin it to your images and videos. To do so, go to your stickers panel and then tap the camera icon in order to take your selfie. Choose a frame for your sticker, adjust the size, and then pin it to a specific spot. You can also use it on videos.

Another new feature, which is another thing they may have gotten from Snapchat, is the addition of geostickers. If you’re visiting or actually live in Chicago, London, Madrid, and Tokyo, you’ll know be able to add geostickers in your Stories. If you’re also curious as to who the artist is, tap on the sticker and you’ll see who made it.

The update also brings a recently used stickers panel which you can see when you swipe right. You can also now see a countdown timer when you take hands-free videos when you hold the button that you see on the screen (which may kind of defeat the purpose of hands-free but whatever). Update your Instagram app to version 10.16.1 to enjoy all of these new features.

VIA: SlashGear