Since Instagram took forever to arrive on Android many were using alternatives to do similar tasks to their “art” or photography. One of those rivals was Lightbox which was originally featured at Google I/O last year. The app has been around for about a year but today Lightbox has announced that they’ll also be joining the team at Facebook.

Lightbox is like Instagram and is a photo-sharing service that also has filters and various tweaks for the users to enjoy. Millions of users have enjoyed it since before Instagram was released on Android but today we’ve learned that will all be coming to an end. Instead of snatching up Lightbox as a company Facebook has just hired their entire staff and Lightbox will be shutting down.

Lightbox made it clear that all current photos and databases will not be transferred to Facebook. Users will be required to export all of their images before June 15th, when the services will all be shut down. You can get all of your photography by going to Since they’ll be leaving the system behind and working on apps that Facebook’s over 500 million users will enjoy, the Lightbox team has dropped their app into their open source Github Repository for those that would like to continue the apps development.

If you’ve used Lightbox you have until June 15th to export all your stuff before it’s gone forever. Expect more greatness from Facebook and their photography skills once Instagram and Lightbox start helping out.

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