Sometimes, when you’re traveling or at an event, or just in a real hurry, those many windows, or rather those 3 windows that you have to go through to post on Instagram may seem like an eternity. It looks like the folks over at the photo sharing giant may have heard you, as a minor but crucial change has been added. The Android app now has a new edit screen where you can do all the basic things in just one page before posting your precious picture.

The quick edit screen, not the official name but it seems everyone is calling it that, makes everything simpler and faster. In just one page, you will be able to choose a filter by swiping right and left for the various options, add a caption, choose the location where you shot the photo (or where you want people to think you shot the photo). In the same page, you will be able to tag whoever you want to, and choose from the usual sharing options of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, or Flickr (or all of the above).


But if you still want to do the more complicated tweaks, you can click on the edits button on the quick edit screen. You can do the usual cropping, adjusting brightness, contrast, colors, highlights, etc. Most people actually do tweaks on other apps already, so eventually, people might really choose the quick edit screen (after they’ve already edited the pic in another app).

The update is happening via server-side, so not all users may have it yet on their device. You can check it out through the Google Play Store page, but if it’s not there yet, remember that patience is a virtue.

VIA: SlashGear