Sometimes, it’s not just images or videos that you want to add to your Instagram Stories. You can create your own text on image stuff too, but it takes a few extra steps of course. Now Instagram wants to make life easier for you as you now get Type Mode for those random thoughts that you want to express or you want people to see on your Stories. It’s another step towards making Stories a current favorite for the social crowd.

When you open your camera in the Instagram Stories interface, you’ll see a new thing there saying “Type”, which is right next to the “Normal” tab under the record button. Tap on it and then type whatever it is in your head at the moment. It can be a quote, a joke, or just a random thing you want to say. You can choose different fonts and styles and different colors for your background. You can also highlight words and phrases and if you feel like adding a background photo, you can do so, although you’d have to take the photo and not pick from your camera roll.

When you’re adding text to your regular photos or videos for your Stories, you can also now choose these styles as your font. You have Typewriter, Strong, Modern, and Neon styles to choose from, aside from the classic, well, Classic. These changes should make Stories even more interesting or annoying, depends on how you feel about it.

Just like your other stories, the ones you make on Type Mode will disappear after 24 hours, unless you add it to your Highlights reel. You can also post it on your main Instagram or save it to your camera roll as well.

SOURCE: Instagram