If you don’t have the budget yet to get a proper 360 VR camera to explore with, having an accessory that will turn your smartphone into one should be the next best thing. Last year a crowd-funded product tried to do just that and now the Insta360 Air is on its way to the US and Europe. Through this plug and play apparatus, you will be able to capture 360-degree photos and videos and share them with your loved ones so they too can explore wherever you are, at least virtually.

The InstaAir 360 can be attached through your phone through a micro-USB or USB Type-C port, whichever your smartphone has. It also comes with dual fisheye lenses and of course a special camera-interface app that will turn your smartphone’s display into its viewfinder. You can use this to broadcast live videos or just share whatever 360-degree experience you’ve captured through the app and directly on YouTube and other video platforms, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger, and other messaging and social media apps.

The accessory is able to capture 3K photos (3008 x 1504 pixels) and 2.5K video (2560 x 1289 pixels) at 30 frames per second. The app also uses real-time image stitching and integrated live-streaming support so you’re actually broadcast and posting ready. They will also be bringing more features soon through app updates, including real-time image stabilization.

The InstaAir 360 is now available on Amazon and offline retailers like B&H and Fry’s Electronics. It costs only $129, which is of course relatively cheaper than some of the 360 degree cameras available out there.

SOURCE: Insta360 Air