One of our members has brought it upon themselves to help arm users with inside knowledge so that we are not left in the dark anymore. He brings us word that there are some changes going around over at T-Mobile that are now in “For training only” status.

This means that all the employees are being trained on these policies, but there is no definite date for them to take place and they have a slight chance of changing. He reports that the 10GB data cap is coming, but its not just for G1 owners, this cap will cover all phones including the SideKick line. Half of the calls that user receives are customers with over 50GB of data already used.  He also went on to say, “when you reach the 10GB cap we will strike the mighty throttle upon your line to 50kb or less.”

Also as we previously brought up T-Mobile will be adjusting Internet pricing for many phone including the SideKick who’s data pricing may go as high as to double the current price.  T-Mobile will also be changing the mid-grade phones Internet service and rebranding it under the name web2go. It appears that T-Mobile has had a lot of time to think about how data plans now match up to their new 3G network.