The Trip Bundles feature in Gmail’s Inbox app has been a huge help, particularly for those who travel a lot. Having your emails automatically organized according to your travels is a pretty convenient thing to have, not to mention the fact that you will surely not forget (hopefully) boarding times and hotel check-ins, etc. Gmail is improving on this by giving you easier sharing options, both for your itinerary and then the memories afterwards.

If you need to share either with your colleagues or your loved ones all your travel plans for a certain trip, you can now just click on the arrow at the header of your bundle and it will create an email for you that includes all the details and attachments for your trip, like flight itinerary, car rental details, hotel bookings, etc. But if you have an email that wasn’t recognized as part of your trip, you now have the ability to manually add them to the bundle by clicking on the Move to menu options and then moving it to a specific Trip Bundle.


Of course during your trip, you’ll probably be taking a lot of photos. If you don’t want to share them on social networks but would rather email them to friends and family, you will now have quick access to the most recent photos you took and you can attach multiple files as well. And in case you don’t have stable internet connection where you’re going to, you can still view your trips even when you’re offline.


Inbox by Gmail will be rolling out its update over the next week. Meanwhile, you can still enjoy all the previous features to be found in the Trip Bundles.