The Huawei Ascend P6 is a solid device, and should be even better when the company updates to Android 4.4 sometime in January. As hardware specs plateau, one frontier remains for handset makers: the processor. Qualcomm has the Android market firmly entrenched in their Snapdragon processors, but a new breed is coming.

We’ve heard plenty of talk surrounding the MediaTek octa-core processor, and even some rumblings of Qualcomm readying their next generation processor. Those are two giants in the industry, but Huawei is also getting involved with the octa-core race. Xu Xin Quan, Huawei President, took to popular Chinese blogging site Weibo to announce the next version of the Ascend P6, the P6S, will have an octa-core processor.

The post goes on to note that the octa-core is an update to their quad-core K3V2 processor, which is a touch dated by now. Still strong, and still powering plenty of Huawei devices, the K3V2 is still in need of an update. While details weren’t shared beyond what we’ve reported here, this is another in a growing list of manufacturers powering their devices with an octa-core chipset.

It’s also one that could shore up an emerging market. China, where Huawei is based and realizes the bulk of their revenue, is a rapidly expanding market, bursting at the seams with both handsets and customers. Though Qualcomm is clearly the industry standard, they’re also priced much higher than the rest. China is a very cost-conscious market, and a premium price simply won’t appeal to many. Huawei may have a leg up on everyone else in an area with huge growth potential.

VIA: GizChina


  1. Of all the gimmicky things to include in a phone, this is the 2nd most ridiculous. First is a 3D screen. Ugh. Octa core? But why?!?!? How about a super power efficient dual or quad core.

    • K3V2 is a power efficient quad core processor. Everyone went nuts about how slow it was. I’m not one to judge something before seeing it in action, and you shouldn’t do that too.

    • Octa-core processors can be efficient, because it taxes each individual core less, so that a CPU-intensive game could run on maybe two or four cores, and the others can handle other parts of the phone, such as the OS

      • I understand how they work but a quad core is sufficient for this purpose. Plus, these CPU’s are of the value variety. Meaning they get sold because it says octa core. It’ll work for sales but performance and battery savings will be not be anything amazing. They’ll work fine, but not because it’s an octa-core.

      • well, the octa-core has some minute advantages over some quad-core chips, but it’s a gimmick, just like 64-bit (for now) in mobile.


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