Yesterday the folks from Verizon and HTC posted up details confirming that the aging HTC Thunderbolt smartphone was set to receive a software update this week. Initially I thought it could be a cruel April Fools joke, but turns out this was real because users have already started reporting the update is live. For all you Thunderbolt fans you’ll want to stay tuned.

Yesterday we reported the details on this small bug fixing update, and now it’s already rolling out to handsets around the US. Again, this is not Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and the Thunderbolt probably won’t see it, and instead is just a software update bringing a few fixes and such.

Verizon recently updated the Thunderbolt to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in February, after almost 7 months of a delay after initially claiming an August update timeframe. Today’s update looks to just solve a few little pesky bugs, remove some bloatware, and fix some email connectivity problems.


The folks from Droid-Life received the screenshot above, confirming the update is indeed real and actually arriving on users Thunderbolt smartphones as we speak. As usual you can head into settings and check for updates manually if you’d rather not wait, otherwise stay tuned as you should be receiving this momentarily.

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