The Nexus 5 was made to be played around with and nowhere is that fact more evident than in the number of custom ROMs available for the smartphone. Now another one joins the ranks, bringing along with it a so far rare feature: HTC‘s custom Sense UI, version 6.

The HTC Sense 6 is barely out the door, making its debut with the HTC One M8 last month. The update to HTC’s custom Android interface brought in a new look, new features, and a new way of rolling out updates to key Sense components. However, availability of Sense 6 is, of course, limited, currently only on the One M8 but will still be constricted to HTC devices. That is, unless you own a Nexus 5.

This latest ROM from XDA Recognized Contributor GalaxyUser takes the HTC Sense 6 and dumps it on Google’s latest smartphone. It is very much a work in progress but a good number of basic functionality is already present, such as touchscreen, SMS and phone calls, WiFi, internal storage, Bluetooth, and some sensors. Unfortunately, sound still isn’t working and neither is the camera. It is still in the very early stages of development, so there might still be some future updates that will fix these issues.

One big disclaimer is that ROM is still in alpha and while the author is grateful for people giving it a test, he isn’t yet interested in bug reports or feedback and would prefer developers to sign up for some of the tasks lying around. Installing the ROM, of course, requires booting into recovery and flashing some downloaded ZIP files, which is one of the things Nexus devices are great for.