The fun is starting early and we have just got word that Walmart will not only be selling the HTC Sensation 4G earlier than T-Mobile’s launch date of June 15th, but that they will also be offering it for the extremely low price and amazing deal of just $148.88 on a new contract of course. The flyer does have a misprint stating the device to have a 4.5″ screen when in fact it is 4.3″ but I’m not to worried about that. I just want the phone now, and for that advertised price.

At the beginning of the month the Sensation landing page at T-Mobile went live stating a June 15th launch and that Walmart would be accepting pre-orders starting as soon as June 12th. If that information didn’t have anyone excited the flyer shown above should because that is a pretty solid price to have one of the best Android smartphones on the planet.

This is just developing and we will bring you more as the news unleashes.

— Thanks Mdboze