While this might not be all that blurry it still qualifies for a Mr. Blurry cam title. What we have here is what is rumored to be the T-Mobile HTC Ruby. We first saw this device in the reflection of the HTC Flyer and later a front shot revealing part of the T-Mobile logo but this latest photo should clear up any doubts.

The Ruby is believed to be a mid-range offering and now we can safely say it’s headed for T-Mobile. The device has a very similar design to the HTC Sensation 4G while looking a bit like the myTouch 4G on top with the speaker grill — so it’s possible this might just be a very close twin to both of those devices. It is hard to tell from the image but it appears to be a 3.7″ or bigger screen with the bottom looking very similar to the Sensation it might even be 4.3″ but we don’t know for sure.

This could be another dual-core 1.2 Ghz phone like the Sensation and myTouch 4G Slide but if they are planning it to be a mid-range device it might just come with a 1 Ghz CPU instead. We can clearly see it features a front facing camera and the previous leaked photos showed a rear camera with dual LED flash so we might need to consider this a mid-high end phone.

HTC recently announced they will release an additional 6-8 devices this year and most likely the HTC Ruby is one of them. We will report back once we get any additional info or some official specs on the device.

[via PocketNow]