HTC has unveiled a new Android smartphone today and to be honest, it’s a snoozer. The phone is called the HTC Rhyme and it will be heading to Verizon on September 29. The smartphone has a purple color and appears to be targeting the ladies out there based on the color-matched accessories. The color is actually called metallic plum, but I know sparkly purple when I see it. Prince would be all up on this smartphone.

It has a charm thingy that glows when a call comes in and to give a visual indication of a call if the phone is on mute. Other accessories that come with the smartphone include a sports armband to secure the phone for workouts and a Bluetooth headset that is the same color as the phone. On the hardware, side things are basic.

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Hands-on with HTC Rhyme

You get a WVGA display, support for HSDPA networks, WiFi, and Bluetooth capability. The phone also has GPS inside and runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Over the top of the Android OS is HTC Sense 3.5 and HTC Watch streaming video support. It has a front and rear camera as well.

[via SlashGear]