The plastic variant of HTC’s One M8 might be a real thing after all, but it might also be limited to China. A pair of photos from the country’s TENAA certification agency reveal a plastic body that is distinctly different from the flagship but still bears its name as the One M8St or One M8 “Ace”.

Aside from the specs that make it sound like a premium device, the HTC One M8 also bore an aluminum body that made it also look and feel likewise. However, barely a month after it was unveiled, there was already talk of a variant that would be shedding its metallic coating for something made of plastic. Naturally, it is also expected to be cheaper, said to come with a sub-$500 price tag.

So far that variant, rumored to be named the HTC One M8 “Ace”, has not yet surfaced. At least until now and in China. The model name for this device that is hitting the TENAA agency is the HTC M8St, leading to speculations of its association with the grander One M8. It is, however, quite evident that it is made of plastic. One other distinct difference is the rear cover, which sports a very different design from HTC’s flagship. Here we have a more unified cover instead of the One M8’s segmented setup. And also noticeable is the lack of an LED flash.

Given this, plus word that the screen reaches only 4.7 inches in size, the HTC One M8 “Ace”, or at least this M8St, might not simply be a plastic-clad version of the HTC One M8. It could very well be a cheaper, plastic, and downgraded version bearing the flagship brand. It could have been a “mini” variant, but there’s already one that bears that distinction, the HTC One mini 2 which we briefly met here.

VIA: A Blog of Mobile!!