We all know LTE 4G service is going to be a big deal as the new network is already being rolled out by Verizon in a few key markets. With the networks available, what the market needs now is a lot of handsets and you can bet that those are on the way. HTC’s Peter Chow has offered up a timeline for the HTC LTE packing smartphones.

According to Chou HTC will have LTE smartphones on the market in the second half of 2011. If we look at that statement and then think about the leaked HTC Mecha packing LTE and Android, we can start to get an idea of when we will see that sweet Android device on the market. Chou also says that the HTC offerings will support Near Field Communications.

Chou also noted that HTC would remain committed to both Android and Windows Phone 7 for its offerings. HTC will offer a wide range of handsets and then let the consumer choose what they want to buy. I bet I am not the only person that was hoping that Mecha would turn up soon; it looks to be at least six months away.

Via WMPowerUser