Last we saw of the efforts to get Android 2.2 Froyo running on the HTC HD2, the Google OS would load but there were some potentially deal-breaking 3G and audio issues.  Happily the xda-developers community never sleeps, and now a new ROM release delivers what looks to be a 99-percent complete Froyo experience for the HD2. shot a video demo of the new ROM in action, complete with a Minimal Matte skin that provides a neatly different user experience not only to the HD2’s original Windows Mobile 6.5.3 OS but what you’ll find on true HTC Android handsets.  WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth (aside from the HID profile), 3G, the camera (including flash) and most other things are functional, so this sounds like a ROM you could actually comfortably live with day to day.



    You need radio which support 576 RAM.
    Run ROMUpdateUtility.exe and install it.


    *Install MAGLDR 1.12

    Run ROMUpdateUtility.exe

    Get it Here

    *Download Rom

    In MAGLDR select “USB Flasher” via VolDown key and Green key.
    Run DWI on PC, read information (!IMPORTANT!) before flashing.

    Flash it.
    For having back Windows Mobile 6.5, just go into bootloader , plug your USb cable and flash your WM 6.5 rom

    For flash again Android, reboot your phone while hold power button till you will be on MAGLDR menù then use USB Flasher for flash your fav Android Rom.

    Credits and big thanks goes to DFT, Cotulla,Bepe,Mwang,Da_G and all the people that worked to this project.

    Warning: Use this software at your own risk, me ,DFT site and member are not responsable for any damage caused at your device (phone)


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