Vodafone UK has been advertising the debut of the HTC Desire Z for a lil while now, but it hasn’t been available to its users despite all the advertising. We received word today that it is now available on Vodafone UK’s official website.

Android addicts in the UK should be pretty pleased with this news. If you’re interested in purchasing this device and are on Vodafone UK, take a look at the monthly tariffs before making any decisions. Vodafone has a few different data plans available. All of them will allow you to get the phone for free. The different plans are at £25,£30,£35,£50. The only difference between these plans is the amount of minutes you get. There are only a limited number(2000) of HTC Desire Zs for free on the £25 plan, so if you’re interested get on it! Go ahead hit the link below to purchase your HTC Desire Z from Vodafone UK and check out our full review of the Desire Z at SlashGear.

Via [Vodafone UK]