We have yet to get any official details from HTC, however it looks like they have plans to continue the Desire smartphone line. The latest comes by way of a recent leak and is showing details on two yet to be announced handsets — the Desire P and the Desire Q. The Desire P carries the model number of T326h and the Desire Q carries the model number of T328h.

As of this time we haven’t seen any leaked images or renders for either handset. We also have yet to see much in terms of the specs. On that note though, these are believed to be low- to mid-range devices. Basically, at this point it is looking like the only solid bit of knowledge on the Desire P and Desire Q is that they will carry 3G connectivity.

The belief of these being lower end devices ties back to the HTC One, which is clearly the flagship handset for the moment. Based on that, why would HTC want to push the One to the side so quickly. Speaking of which, our HTC One review dropped earlier this afternoon for those who may be looking to pick up a new handset.

Otherwise, as these are clearly early leaks, we suspect more details will come available in time. Lets just hope that the next time a Desire P or Desire Q leak surfaces — that it does so with a bit more in terms of detail. For now, we have to say that we are not all that excited about either. So how about it, any guesses to what the specs may be?

[via Unwired View]