HTC has added a new feature to the Sense UI home screen. It will now have multi touch support on the home screen as well. Soon you will be able to zoom in and out on the main screen by utilizing the pinch zoom feature.

Sense UI has always been the most beautiful and popular version of Android. Since its inception it has been the most innovative platform for Android devices. It already came with Flash support preinstalled and it even plays flash video right from the browser. While we continue to wait for Flash on our Non-Sense phones, it’s already becoming an afterthought on devices like the Hero and the upcoming Sense UI phones.

Another great feature of Sense is multi touch support which it also had since it was released. Now this feature will be added to the home screen to add to the long list of features that it included in the Sense UI. This is as huge accomplishment since currently the home screen for Sense UI doesn’t eve auto rotate yet. In fact most Android’s home screen doesn’t auto rotate by default. I guess HTC will lead the 2.1 pack again with their newest incarnation of Sense UI. Enjoy this sideways demonstration of it in action.

[via andronica]