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HQ Trivia now fully available for Android to try and get you some money


Are you ready to win some money just by trying to answer random trivia questions as fast as you can? That’s the idea behind the viral game HQ Trivia, which is now available as a stable app for Android devices, after becoming a hit for iOS users. But now comes the real test for the developers as they will experience a huge influx of users, all trying to get a piece of that actual cash prize. It has been in beta for the past few days but now that it’s January 1, 2018, it’s finally here for real.

If you’ve been living under a digital rock, HQ Trivia has become super popular because you can apparently win cash just by playing it. But even if you have tons of random, sometimes useless trivia in your head, you’re still not guaranteed a win because you will have to compete with thousands of other people, some of whom may be faster than you at swiping or typing or tapping. You will get a notification 5 minutes before the game starts, which is usually at 9PM ET on weekdays and 3PM ET on weekends.

A round consists of 12 questions which start out easy sometimes and then gets more difficult as it progresses until only a few are left. Those who answer all 12 correctly will get to split the prize money, which is between $1,000 and $18,000. But since there are now more people playing, the chances that you win huge gets smaller. If no one wins, the money goes back to the pot and will be included in the next round.

However, now that both iOS and Android users are playing, it will test how their servers can handle that many users. The New Year’s Eve game, which had $18,00 for grabs couldn’t show the questions on the screen and had to restart after midnight ET. Let’s see how HQ Trivia fares in the next few weeks. Download it for free on the Google Play page.