HITMAN is the sixth game in the popular franchise, and it was launched by Square Enix in March of this year. Of course, the trend these days is to keep awareness of your game alive even in the times consumers are not playing the game. That falls into the realm of the companion app, and HITMAN just got itself one.

The HITMAN companion app is now available for players of the game to download for their Android device. Of course, it doesn’t make sense to install the app if you don’t play the game. But if you do, the app makes sure that players keep up-to-date with all the live HITMAN content that IO Interactive and Square Enix peddles on the go.


There will be episode releases, and players will want to keep abreast of that. But in addition to that, new content in the form of Elusive Targets, Escalation Contracts and Featured Contracts, have been released every week since the game launched. Players can get their hands on these exclusive contracts via the HITMAN companion app. With Elusive Targets, players will be able to use the app as they play – making sure they see the target when they them in game.


The app is free to download. Of course, you have to get the game so this app makes sense.

SOURCE: Square Enix
DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store