If you like your casual games based on your skill on tapping your screen at exact, precise moments, then this might be your lucky day. “High Rise” is a casual arcade puzzle game made by Nickervision Studios, and finds its influences in the classics like Tetris and the classic Nokia game Tower Bloxx. Let’s see if you’re skillful enough to take this on.

You’re tasked basically to build the world highest high rise building. You do that by stacking segments of a building one on top of the other. The problem is that as the building grows taller, the segments begin to vary in size and width. It’s up to you to balance it all up. Check out the preview video below.

Of course, if you place a segment wrongly, that affects the balance of the whole thing, so a bit of quick thinking and planning is definitely needed. If you misplace a segment and it topples over, the whole tower catches fire. You wouldn’t want that on your conscience, would you?


Pick up the game via the Google Play Store – check out the download link below. It’s free to play, but you can get rid of the ads for 99 cents. If you’re looking for a time waster or an app just for casual gaming, you got it now.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store