What will it take you to finally see the light and understand that recycling is a must in this day and age? If you’re human, you’d know that it’s okay to throw or bring old stuff to the recycling center. But that’s a different thing if you are the one being thrown away. No, this isn’t Toy Story 3 but the new Volt┬ámobile game kinda reminds me of the Disney movie. It’s about Volt (no, still not a Disney movie), a battery on the loose, who wanted to get out of the facility to escape. Problem is, Volt has got no legs so how is this poor tiny battery getting out?

Volt has no legs and no arms but he’s got electric beams that let him connect to walls, turn switches, move or destroy objects, and charge generators. Number is limited though so make sure you use those beams wisely. Your main goal is to escape from the recycling facility to live the rest of your umm, battery life.

Volt can also jump and push off walls. See this tiny battery in action as you pass through the puzzle platform. Watch out for the explosions as you try to finish more than 60 levels of four industrial-themed zones. You can achieve unlimited lives and unlock more batteries and other 12-bit levels.

Download Volt from the Google Play Store