Gone are the days when projectors are known to be always big and bulky. There are still many models in standard sizes but the trend now is for gadgets to be so small that they can fit inside your pocket. There is now a demand for small pocket-sized projectors if not being embedded on a phone or tablet. The latest to join the bandwagon is Lenovo with its Pocket Projector which was recently shown off at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

We’ve taken a few snaps of the Lenovo Pocket Projector. It’s small and flexible yet features a solid build and offers quality projection as you need. This mini projector can very well rival the recent mini projectors we’ve featured before: ZTE SPro2 pico projector, LG HD MiniBeam projector, ODIN Android ‘smart’ portable projector, and the TouchPico among others.

This pocket-sized projector supports Miracast and DLNA so more mobile users can benefit from it. Mini projector technology may still be in its early stages but I don’t doubt it will be as common as smartphones in the near future. (I’m imagining a life where projecting images would mean Holograms being display by some kind of a device like this pocket projector or from a simple smartwatch…you know, Star Wars.)

Lenovo’s Pocket Projector offers a larger display than what you can view on a smartphone. Even if your smartphone’s display is already big, it still won’t be enough. Make it a bit bigger with this pocket projector that is able to show a up to 110-inches of 50-lumen high-contrast image. It can rotate up to 90-degrees and comes equipped with dual-speakers, good enough for those watching inside a small room. Projector works over wireless but it also reads data from micro SD cards. It uses LED lighting that can last up to 20,000 hours of projection. As for the battery, the lithium-ion can last up to 150 minutes or a little over two hours. That’s long enough to play a full-length movie.

Lenovo will release the Pocket Projector later this March for only $199. Device will be available in most regions and countries so there’s a big chance you can also get your hands on this.

VIA: SlashGear