Because music streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, etc are all the craze right now, we sometimes forget that people also still store actual music on their mobile devices. For those who prefer the “old school” way of listening to music, they usually use their phone or tablet’s native music player. But if you have the option, why not go for music apps that may be able to give you much more. Gramophone is presenting itself to you as a likely candidate for your next music player.

The app is selling itself as one of the most beautifully designed music players out there, particularly since it was built using the visual guidelines set by Google, more popularly known as Material Design of course. It makes use of the full API of Android 5.0 Lollipop, including the scene transitions and ripples. It might look spectacular, but the interface isn’t complicated so you’ll have no problem using it. There is an omnipresent floating button that allows you to have easy access when you want to pause or continue playing the song. The colors also change to match the base color of your main content.

The information on the music you store is integrated from Last.FM, including artists’ biographies and pictures, and missing album covers. It also has a Tag Editor so you can fix the title, artist, album name, etc if your music files have got it wrong. Other standard features that the music player has: ability to create playlists, homescreen widget, lockscreen playback controls, etc.

Gramophone is still in private beta mode and is not yet available on the public Google Play Store. To be able to try it out, you can join their Google+ Community to be able to download the app.

SOURCE: Gramophone