Behold what our pals at Corning have whipped up, a lovely video showing a world where glass is our main working material, showing us everything from the sun to our statistics – but wait, isn’t that what it is already today? Sort of! This is the sort of video that reminds us that the movie Minority Report only came out a few years ago and already things like NFC are making its future-looking world very much a reality. This video also includes items inside the handset world, so Androids rejoice!

Lots of touchscreen stuff as well, from touching the TV and adjusting it in the morning to speaking to friends via your bathroom mirror. Then there’s a tabletop TV whilst creating what appears to be a very colorful lunch, working with tabletop stoves via touchscreen blippers, Then there’s some refrigerator-front glass that the child of the parents we’ve been following in this video interact with once they get home from school – enlarging and moving photos in a very similar manner to that which we’ve been seeing on larger touchscreen devices for some time now – and the photos are moving too (maybe they’re movies!) thusly reminding us very much of a Harry Potter existence, one we would not mind.

Then comes the handsets. See-through phones that can instantly transfer picture display to the tabletop display. Kind of like the Atrix 4G? Yessir. The car of course is also touchschreen all the way, showing the woman a map and allowing her to add a sticky note to her dash. Above her is an auto-darkening piece of glass, and above the car as she drives is large format glass working instantly to show traffic delays and such (this is already a reality with lights that can display similar warnings, but this is so much COOLER.) Then upon passing a bud stop, you can see that this too is of course a touchscreen display, helping pedestrians find their way around to different busses and transport, collecting direction on their again transparent display handsets. Then you see inside an office with another gigantic display for meetings, again with the tabletop display, all of this for sweet fashion work.

Instant transportation to walls in malls, gigantic planes of glass for the greatest interaction and instant movement between the office and the store with ads just created. Then there’s flexible display glass that can be rolled up and display onto. Amazing! Then of COURSE there’s perfectly amazing 3D display glass, transportable paper-sized glass (like a transparent tablet) for night reading of a book, and there you have it! A day of glass! We’re very excited, Corning, let’s make this reality a reality!