We already knew of GoPro’s plan to improve mobile editing and was ready to acquire Splice and Replay. It’s actually an old plan and GoPro finally acquired the app and renamed it as GoPro Quik. GoPro also acquired Splice. It’s another mobile video editing that allows anyone to make cool videos right on his smartphone. Just recently, a new development was made concerning Quik and Splice. New creative tools were made available that will help mange all content saved on the mobile device or directly from a GoPro camera. Both Quik and Splice bring powerful editing to your mobile phone or desktop so you can have awesome videos to share.

Quik can analyze the clips in your lineup and automatically choose a soundtrack and then sync videos to the beat of the music. You can choose from your own music library too. You can also use different video styles from 28 unique choices of styles plus graphics, fonts, filters, and transitions. Feel free to add emojis, title slides, text overlays, custom greetings, and more. The app can match the beat and emotion of the music.

GoPro Quik video editing 1

If you have no time to make videos, you can look forward to the ready-to-watch videos Quick can create for you. The surprise can be viewed every week so you can just watch, click, and share to your various social media apps like Facebook or Instagram.

GoPro Splice video editing 1

As for Splice, the app allows manual control to edit videos. It’s more for professional use sans the desktop. Yu can use it for work, school, or presentation and no one would think you only made it on the phone. As with other mobile video editing tools, Splice lets you pick filters, transition style, add slo-mo effect, or trim clips. Splice also features a lot of free soundtracks.