Some might already know that Google wants to make an intelligent self-driving car, but it also wants to help make all other cars smarter with a certain “Projected Mode”. This Android display technology is tipped to lend infotainment systems the functionality of your Android smartphone or tablet.

This information comes via a job posting from Daimler, the parent company of popular car maker Mercedes-Benz. Naturally, not much details are disclosed aside from the claim that the system will “seamlessly integrate” an Android device and the car’s dashboard, including handling calls, messages, navigation, and multimedia. For now, it is yet unknown how the two will connect, though it will not be surprising if it employed Bluetooth technology.

Such types of systems are nothing new and almost every automobile manufacturer has implemented one or is, at least, trying to. Most, however, are each maker’s proprietary handiwork and product. Google’s variant, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be tied to a single one. This could potentially mean that Projected Mode could work with any car from any brand, making it easy to bring along everything even when or if you change cars, temporarily or permanently.

The timing of this revelation couldn’t be more perfect. Apple is becoming more aggressive in its automobile industry push. In fact, Mercedes-Benz is expected to unveil iOS in the Car integration at the Geneva Motor Show next week. Google is certainly not one who will take this new level of rivalry sitting down. Early this year, it unveiled the Open Automative Alliance to fast track bringing Android to cars and this Projected Mode might just be the beginning of its endeavor.

SOURCE: Daimler
VIA: SlashGear


  1. i just hope that Google will get its hands dirty in the automotive world, maybe a new OS, and it is able to pair with your android devices, but not with Android again, cause when some ppl tends to hate or dislike Android, it relates to automotive also…


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