Discoverability on the Google Play Store can sometimes be a pain, especially if your app is similar to or in competition with a lot of other apps. A few months ago, Google gave several developers and app makers the ability to run ads on the search results page in the Play Store itself. And now, they are expanding this with the new Search Ads on Google Play program that will allow more developers and advertisers to run ad campaigns on the store itself and the search results.

This program will actually be available for advertisers who area already running the Search app install campaign on Adwords. Currently, there are over 1 billion people in 190 countries that are using Android devices, and so to have a tool that can reach even just a portion of that market is very much needed by advertisers. On the other end of the spectrum, this is also good for consumers who may have missed out on apps that they need or want for work or school or just leisure.

Another tool that Google is introducing for developers and advertisers is called Android first app opens. It helps you see what kind of conversion you are getting from people who download your app from an ad that you’re running, from when they click on the app to downloading it, and then to actually using it for the first time. It also gives you conversion tracking for Search, Display, and YouTube.

Soon to come is another tool called Universal App Campaigns. From the name itself, it means you’ll be able to promote and track your app ad campaigns across the whole Google universe, from Search, Display, YouTube, AdMob in-app, etc. Search is one of the hallmarks of Google’s business, and giving app developers the opportunity to be discovered through this will benefit both parties in the long run (hopefully).

SOURCE: Google