Google’s usage of codenames in the vein of tasty treats isn’t new — it’s been this way since the beginning. And generally, they tend to leak out well before the software even gets shown off. We knew about Gingerbread well in advance, and that has yet to even be officially announced. And now we can say we knew what was coming after that even sooner.

According to a new rumor, it’s sounding like Google has chosen “Honeycomb” as the next codename for Google’s Android Operating System. That comes after Gingerbread, or Android 3.0. The rumor goes on to say that Honeycomb won’t actually be another major revision number, like from Android 2.2 to Android 3.0. Instead, it will be somewhere like Android 3.1 or 3.2. Then again, with a new name to the OS, it could very well mean they’ve already got big plans for the update. It’s good to see that Google’s planning this far in advance. What do you think of Honeycomb?

[via Boy Genius Report]