Google is sending out emails stating that the Google TV update that we heard about last week is ready for release, and with it, many new features will be made available. Some of these features include: Netflix changes, Dual View, a Remote Control App, and Movie Results, these are detailed after the cut.

1. Netflix – A totally revamped UI for Netflix on Google TV makes it easier to browse and watch movies and TV shows in Netflix’s streaming catalogue.
2. Dual View – Watch TV and the use the web how you want, now that you can resize your screens and move them around to your liking.
3. Remote Control App – Starting today you can use your Android phone as a TV remote. Even change the channel with your voice. Find ‘Google TV Remote’ in Android Market.
4. Movie Results – Find the movie you want to watch in the our new movie search results page. Finds movies that are on TV, the web, Netflix, and Amazon VOD.

The Google TV has been the topic of mixed reviews. Many think that it’s just an unneeded device, while others think that it is a welcome addition to the living room. However, both sides of the argument agree that it definitely is optimal yet, and with some improvements it could be a great system. These new features, along with the bug fixes included with the update bring the Google TV system more up to par with what we would expect from a set-top box.

Check out a video walkthrough of the new software: