An update is still an update, no matter how minor, especially if you use that certain app a lot. If you’re in the habit of communicating with people who speak other languages, then you probably use Google Translate a lot. The app now has a minor update which would make it easier for you to understand the definition of certain translated words, as well as switch between accounts, in case you use more than one Google account when you use the app.

Sometimes, you need not just the translated word but also a quick definition to accompany it. You need not go out of the app now to be able to search for that definition. You will now see a new Definition section at the bottom of the page. However, it’s still pretty much limited at this point, as it can only define one word. If it’s more than one, even just an article, it just gives a direct translation as usual. Also, the definitions are in the source language so if what you’re translating is from German to English, then you will see a German definition as well.

The app will also now have a quick account switcher so that you can easily switch from your personal account for example, to your business account. Actually, Google Translate is a late addition to this since most Google apps have had this already for quite some time. Just like with the others, you just tap on the hamburger menu to make the switch.

Version 5.8 of Google Translate has started rolling out to users, together with the other bug fixes and improvements. Check its Google Play page to see if it’s already available for you.

VIA: 9 to 5 Google