It may not seem that significant for ordinary users, but Google’s recently released Compatibility Definition Document for Android for OEMs will ensure that all smartphone manufacturers would comply with the features implemented in the Android Open Source Project. This refers specifically to the notification bundling and direct reply features that they are bringing to the latest update, Android 7.0 Nougat. This doesn’t bring any major change but it gives users a “consistent Android experience” no matter what device they’re using (well, as long as said device is using the platform).

The new version of the document was released earlier this week and had a few minor changes, including the section on notifications. They emphasized that OEMs MUST (caps theirs) support the “updating, removing, replying to and bundling notifications” that are enumerated in the section. They also said that the implementations MUST (again, caps theirs) let users have easy access to the ability to control notifications in the notifications shade and the ability to block, mute, and reset the notification preferences from a package in both the inline control panel and the settings app.

There aren’t any OEMs that have been violating agreements in this aspect, but Google felt the need to put emphasis on these items for some reason of their own. As the public awaits the gradual rollout of the Nougat update, notification bundling and the quick reply features are some of the things awaited by users, and so Google wants to make sure that everyone complies with these new things.

The CDD for Android document applies for all the devices that have been certified under the Android 7.1 Compatibility Test Suite. OEMs, you have been put on notice.

VIA: Android Police