No contest. Android as a mobile platform is ever-expanding. And what with the introduction of Brillo and the expansion of Android Auto and Android TV, the Android community will continue to get bigger. The demand for Android developers will rapidly increase so more people should take advantage by shifting to this industry and by studying Android app development.

Udacity has been providing education to improve the skills of people interested in development and programming or simply those who want to advance in their careers or get a new job. There are more than one billion active users on Android so there really is a demand for more developers to improve on the system, as well as, develop apps.

Over at the Google I/O Developer Conference, Udacity announced that it’s offering the first Android Developer Nanodegree. In partnership with Google, this new curriculum was built by the developers and experts on the subject matter to the high standards expected of Android developers. The search giant invested about $4 million in this project plus thousands of developer hours to make sure the Android Developer Nanodegree is worth the $200/monthly fee.

The course will take 9 to 12 months to finish. It will cover the fundamentals, advanced development skills, Material Design, and Google Play Services. This will be a course where students’ projects are graded. Some activities include being asked to use Google’s services to develop apps or being tasked to design a media player. Once the Nanodegree is completed, a student will receive a joint certificate sign by Google and Udacity. This program is a first for the industry.

The inaugural Nanodegree program was launched eight months ago and it continues to grow. Students are taking classes in programming, data analytics, and web development. Udacity proudly shared that most graduates have already embarked on their new careers.

Fifty students of the new Nanodegree will be invited by Google to visit Mountain View at the end of the program. The Android Developer Career Summit will feature a Hackathon, interactions with hiring engineers, and several developer sessions.

Google is also set to offer localize Android courses in Egypt. The Internet giant already teamed up with the Government of Egypt to translated the courses into Modern Standard Arabic. A total of 2,000 scholarships will be offered. Sessions and job fairs will also be held in the country.

Udacity and Google are currently working on more Nanodegree programs specifically in entrepreneurship, cloud computing, and web development. Android Developer Nanodegree registration is now open. Google provided a complete list of the planned courses in the Android Nanodegree:

Android App Development for Beginners: How to Make an Android App, with Katherine Kuan
Developing Android Apps: Android Fundamentals, with Reto Meier, Katherine Kuan, Dan Galpin and Alex Lucas
Advanced Android app development: Productionize and Publish Your Apps, with Dan Galpin, Ian Lake and Johanna Smith
Google Play services: Use Google APIs to Improve Your Apps (Maps, Location, and more!), with Jocelyn Becker, Magnus Hyttsten and Laurence Moroney
Android Ubiquitous Computing: Extend Apps to Wearables, TV and Auto, with Timothy Jordan, Wayne Piekarski and Joshua Gordon
Android Performance: Optimizing Apps for Speed and Usability, with Colt McAnlis
Android Design for Developers: Make Your Apps Material, with Nick Butcher and Roman Nurik
Gradle for Android and Java: Build Better Apps Though Automation with Gradle

SOURCE: Udacity, Android Developers Blog