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Google Tasks is the mobile productivity app you were asking for


There are a lot of to-do lists that are available for your Android device (sometimes too many) but if you’re deeply embedded in the whole Google eco-system, then you were probably looking for something from them. And while you could actually add tasks on your Gmail and Google Calendar, a lot of people were looking for a stand-alone mobile app. We finally got our wish as they have now released Google Tasks, a barebones task management app that is part of G Suite.

There’s really nothing majorly special about Google Tasks, except it’s a way to easily add tasks from your other G Suite apps. You can do the usual like add to-dos, reminders, task lists, break it down to sub-tasks, etc. You can create a task directly from the Gmail app, just like before, except now you can access it on your app later on as well. You can even trace the task back to the original email where you based it from, in case you forget some of the details.

And of course just like most to-do list apps, you can assign due dates and get reminders for those that are time-bound. Aside from these and the G Suite integration, this app is pretty basic and lack a lot of the features that we like from other similar (or similar-is) apps like Todoist, Trello, Evernote, even Google’s own Keep. But it’s still an initial release so we’ll probably see more in the next few weeks.

You can still give Google Tasks a whirl of course, especially if you like simple and basic apps. You can download it from the Google Play Store for free.